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Waco Tx fertilizer plant explosion Litigation Expected News Feed 8

30 Apr

Why a fertilizer plant explosion lawsuit may be necessary

West Texas fertilizer plant explosion lawyers are providing free consultations for people affected by this traumatic event. Personal injury attorneys in Texas are reviewing potential Texas fertilizer plant explosion lawsuits.

The West Fertilizer Co. had a spotty regulatory history. The company paid nearly $8,000 to at least two regulatory agencies for safety and transportation violations, according to the Los Angeles Times:

A federal inspector found three violations at the fertilizer plant that included transporting anhydrous ammonia without a security plan and carrying it in tanks that were improperly labeled. This resulted in fine handed down by the U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration in 2011.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency fined the fertilizer company $2,300 in 2006 for not having a risk management program in place, according to the Los Angeles Times.

See:Waco Texas fertilizer plant lawsuit

Authorities have identified four more sets of remains of first responders who battled last week’s fire and explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, Texas. Wednesday’s blast and injured more than 200, according to officials cited by .

Meanwhile, survivors from the small town north of Waco gathered Sunday to remember those who were lost, and to offer thanks that they were still alive. And, as over the weekend, some residents in parts of West that bore the brunt of the blast at the West Fertilizer Co. were allowed to return home.

on Morning Edition that some people lost everything; others, such as town dentist Larry Sparks, consider themselves lucky:

“It’s just a matter of sweeping up the glass, and one of our front doors was demolished – it blew it completely in,” Sparks tells NPR. “But it’s very minimal damage compared to what some of these other folks have suffered.”

According to Reuters, the plant was storing 270 tons of highly volatile ammonium nitrate fertilizer that should have been reported to the Department of Homeland Security but was not. The Texas Department of State Health Services was aware of the dangerous chemical but failed to alert DHS, the news agency reports.

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Car Accident Attorney Knoxville The state of tennessee : Accidents Require Experienced Advocacy in Tn

22 Jan

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Knoxville Tennessee : Victims Need a Determined Personal Injury Lawyer

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Knoxville Tennessee

Medical malpractice victim, don’t be intimidated. Call (877) 496-6580 for the Law Offices of G. Turner Howard III.

Medical malpractice victims often stay silent, but don’t do it. If you think you may be a medical malpractice victim, for any reason, don’t be intimidated by huge corporate hospital officials or doctors who might take offense at your questions. It is your life at stake. Call the Law Offices of G. Turner Howard III today, at (877)496-6560 or contact us online for a free consultation. You deserve justice and help you go after it.

My name is Turner Howard, I’m an attorney in Knoxville Tennessee. And let me share with you a case that we had early on in our practice. It’s a medical malpractice case. And it’s a sad case, but it’s a case where we pushed forward very hard to make sure that the surviving family got a good and fair resolution to their case.

It turns out that a woman, mother of two daughters who had been a life long nurse and a life long smoker presents to her primary care provider for a routine checkup. He takes x-rays and notices on one of the x-rays a spot in her lung that was suspicious. He unfortunately forgets about that. Places the x-rays back in her chart and some nine or ten month later she calls him back for a revisit and asks him about the x-rays he took some nine or ten months before. At which point he says, opps I forgot about that, come back in right away.

They took more x-rays and this time it was discovered that the spot, the tiny spot some nine or ten months before had spread, was much larger and had spread into her system, though her lymph node system. And then she was basically terminal and she got worse and worse very quickly. Where as before, if they caught it some ten months before she would have been easily healed with the proper techniques. It had now become terminal and her life was going to come to an end.

When the daughters came to use after there mothers had died and consulted with us about what we could do about the matter, we took the case and we did a lot of research on cancer, consulted a lot of experts and then went to work. And flew all over the country taking depositions. We worked very hard on the case because we felt very sorry for not only what their mother had gone though but what the daughters had gone though in watching their mother die in that long painful process.

The bottom line was, in the end we got a very fair and just settlement with quite frankly a whole lot of money for the surviving daughters.

Tennessee Personal Injury Attorney Serving:
Knoxville, Maryville, Crossville, Johnson City, Cleveland, Morristown, Farragut, Elizabethton, Athens, Sevierville

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Legal News Earnhardt Jr. Highlights Risk of TBI in Dallas Car Accidents 752

21 Nov

The issue of traumatic brain injuries in auto accidents made national news after Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced he would sit out a pair of races after back-to-back concussions at crashes in Kansas and Talladega.

Dallas brain injury lawyers understand such injuries are far from uncommon

“You know your body and how your mind works, and I knew something was just not quite right. I decided to just try to push through and work through it,” Earnardt Jr. said according to USAToday. Earnhardt Jr. was little more than a rookie, and driving just in front of his late father in the 2001 Daytona 500, when Dale Earnhardt Sr. was killed after slamming into the Turn 4 wall on the last lap. Cause of death was a basilar skull fracture, caused when his head, propelled by the velocity of the collision, snapped forward in the accident.

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NASCAR has since made many safety improvements, including a next-generation car that moves the driver toward the center, a head-and-neck restraint device and soft wall technology. However, the risk of concussions and other traumatic brain injuries has not abated.

Read The Full Story

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Halloween season is the deadliest time of the year for pedestrian accidents in Santa Ana and elsewhere in Southern California.

13 Nov

Halloween party months are the deadliest term with regard to pedestrian injuries in Southern Ca.

Halloween season is the deadliest time of the year for pedestrian accidents in Santa Ana and elsewhere in Southern California.

Injury attorneys in Rancho Santa Margarita and throughout Southern California understand that children are most at risk. In fact, children are more than twice as likely to be killed in a pedestrian accident during Halloween than at any other time of the year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports more than 4,200 people were killed in pedestrian accidents in 2010 — another 70,000 were seriously injured. California pedestrian accidents claimed 599 lives that year. No other state reported more than 500 deaths.

These cases frequently result in very serious or fatal injury. Motorists are urged to use extra caution, particularly when traveling in residential neighborhoods after dark. Speeding is another risk factor — higher speed shortens the time you have to react and increases the force of collision.

Here are some LAPD Halloween Safety Tips:

-Trick-or-treat before dusk and never let a child go alone.
-Examine treats.
-Never invite children into your home or allow your child to enter a stranger’s home.
-Set a curfew and use proper supervision of children.
-An adult escort and flashlight should accompany small groups of children.
-Keep pets inside and away from children.
-Costumes should be easily visible.
-Comfortable shoes and costumes that don’t obstruct vision are critical.
-Children should always use sidewalks.
-Children should be taught to look in both directions and make eye contact with a driver before crossing the street.

Ready More

Adjusters can be end up being very intimidating, in fact, and try to “low-ball” injured employees, getting them to agree to a settlement that won’t cover all their occupational injury costs such as surgery, physical therapy, medication or ergonomic equipment that they need to fully heal.

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